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The Life of an SEO Newb

November 23, 2008

So this is it. My first blog post. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and here I am. 

I used to love love love writing and then something happened. I’m not quite sure what. Once upon a time I possessed the ability to entertain and provoke thoughts with my writing. Now … I’m not so sure that rings true anymore. Work, school … professionalism at its best has killed a bit of my creativity. Or maybe it’s just me   getting older. That’s what life can do to you. Or perhaps I’m looking at this with my glass half empty. I’m sure if I listen close enough I’ll hear Rob Schneider making a cameo appearance in the background shouting “you can do it!” …

I read a great blog post written recently by someone named Lisa Barone. Something she said made me realize that if I ever intended to write interesting blog posts I should just start doing it. There’s no way I’ll ever get any better by just thinking about it. This is like the first step of many I am hoping.

The thing that most worries me is lack of anything interesting to write about. Or anything that is of value or interest to anyone else on this planet except for me. 

I also realize that I just lied. I have written blog posts on MySpace a lifetime ago. I managed to have a few faithful suscribers who’d read my random and sporadic blog posts. I found that the most well received were posts where I was angry with someone or something and I was ranting. I suppose that fire inside is where I’m most witty and amusing. Kind of a shame when you think about it … I need to be pissed off in order to say anything that anyone else would like to read. At the same time, if anyone ever asks me what my problem is I can tell them to not take offense to it as it’s all for the best of my non-existent audience. Hurrah hurrah.

So at some point I intend to share what I know about the world of SEO with others. Primarily for the sheer practice of running a WordPress blog and practicing my writing skills outside the world of business documents that I live in seven days a week. Business docs that aim to strip my writing of any personal touches. 

So far I’m enjoying my career as an online marketing specialist. I find myself engrossed in the world of SEO and SEM on a daily basis. There are many people out there that know what they are talking about … or at least are great for writing about it. Now comes my time to see if there is a small dent I can make in this world. My friend Seth and I are going to start freelancing soon. He’s the writer and I’m the SEO gal. This blog may become something that we both utilize and promote soon.

I’m going to try and keep a little notebook with me at all times so when a moment of blog inspiration hits I can jot down that thought and write a little post about it later.

I’m loving how WordPress is autosaving by the way. That’s a sweet little feature. I’m off to explore what’s up with this site a little further now. 

Until next time …

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