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Laid Off & Ready to Blog

March 2, 2009

I am now officially the newest member of the laid off cool kids crew. My intention is to chronicle the experience and try to provide tips on how to deal with a layoff and start getting your life back together when you are completely unprepared. I am interested in finding SEO work, so this will be my newest daily stomping grounds to provide SEO tips. I will also be providing insight into what it’s like to suddenly be faced with the reality that now is the time to figure out what you’ll be doing five days a week for years to come. I honestly have no idea how I am going to do this, so I’ll keep anyone that is interested up-to-speed on the daily challenges associated with doing so.

The first things I need to do are:

  • Convert my bedroom into an office because I live with roommates and my current living room work area is conducive to distractions (which under normal circumstances are quite welcome).
  • Apply for employment insurance. It’s not that much money, but still better than nothing!
  • Look into re-financing my new car. The monthly payments alone will consume the larger part of employment insurance (hindsight is always 20-20).
  • Look into employment insurance paying for me to take an HTML course. I’ve always had developers work on the back end stuff for me and I want to be able to do it all by my self. I’m stoked at the thought of that actually!
  • Also think about taking the small business owners course through employment insurance. They teach you how to start your own business from the ground up. It will be very practical and motivating at the same time. Who knows, maybe I can start my own business one day!
  • Make a resume so I can find my dream job.
  • Start writing some useful SEO posts so I can show potential employers that I know my stuff.
  • Learn how to optimize WordPress, I haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet, so I’m actually excited about learning how to this. I mean I know how to optimize a regular site, so I am assuming it’s the same deal.
  • Continue to go to the gym every day because being fit equals feeling good.
  • Cut back on everything EXCEPT for healthy food. Healthy body = healthy mind.
  • Take advantage of the fresh powder the universe has been dumping on us. We’ve all been waiting for this all season! I already have a season’s pass, so it fits right into my new budget.

Well … I’m off to go set up my new office. Come back soon for more updates!

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  1. January 9, 2010 6:27 pm

    Still laid off in 2010? we talked some time before.. Lets exchange ideas again how we can help each other out

    • January 11, 2010 4:18 pm

      Hello! I am in the process of looking for a full-time job, but am still open to the exchange of ideas.

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